BJ's Hair Closet quality hair will last you up to 2 years with proper care. Here are a few tips that could keep your hair investment in continual great condition: 
    1. Always brush your hair before going to bed. Always use a wide tooth brush or detangling comb and gently brush the hair while holding it down with your other hand to prevent unnecessary tension and pulling.
    1.  Before shampooing your hair, always detangle it. Always wash your hair gently in a downward motion using your fingers. Do not scrub or bunch hair together as this will cause the cuticles to open up and rub against each other which would then cause tangling.
    1. Always condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner such as silicon mix. This adds a huge difference to the shine of the hair and smells nice!
    1. You can also condition wash you virgin hair, this means skipping the shampoo and using your conditioner just like you would your shampoo.
    1. If possible, be patient with your virgin hair weave and let it air dry after washing it.
    1. Avoid alcohol based products for your hair as alcohol is very drying to the hair.
    1. Moisturize you hair as needed with little high quality leave in moisturizers and conditioners
    1. BJ's Hair Closet wigs and extensions are very high quality and very little product is needed. Do not weight down your hair by using too many products.